Monday, June 18, 2012

Near IR photography

After seeing some near infrared images on the internet I decided making my own near infrared camera might be a fun weekend project. I picked up a semi-broken digital camera on eBay for only 20 dollars, and discovered that the lens extending mechanism was just a little weak. It works fine most of the time, but occasionally I have to help the camera extend its lens a little when turning it on. I disassembled the camera, and removed the IR filter placed over the image sensor, replacing it with a homemade visible light filter made from a couple layers of floppy disc film. This prevents visible light passing through, so that the images recorded are mostly due to IR and near IR light passing through the film. I got pretty good results with this camera, despite the optical path having been changed due to replacing the IR filter with thinner plastic film. Plants reflect light in the Infrared spectrum since it is not usable for photosynthesis, and so they appear white in these photos.

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