Sunday, June 2, 2013

Embedded systems.

My embedded systems course this quarter required us to come up with a development project containing an embedded system and work on it over the ten week quarter with a final presentation and demonstration at the end.  My group decided to break up into sub-groups and design several projects. My contributions were to help design and build a parking distance sensor that uses an ultrasonic rangefinder to determine how far away your car is, and alert you with an LED display when you have parked close enough. We also built a small system that uses the same sensors to detect objects around the sides and back of a car and alert the driver with an LED display on the dashboard. I was able to use my PCB making tools to develop professional looking prototypes of both systems for demo to the professor next week. The parking sensor project has an actual prototype, while the obstacle detection system has a nice clean board to demonstrate the sensors and the LED display to the class, since bringing a car to class isn't exactly feasible.

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