Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mau5 Halloween?

Not too long ago, ch00f over at ch00ftech posted some awesome electroluminescent music reactive "Kanye" glasses he built for new years. So when my cousin came to me and asked me to help her design some lights for a Deadmau5 head (mau5head?) Halloween costume, I knew exactly what I wanted to do! Electroluminescent wire around the ears and mouth, and a music reactive VU meter made of more EL wire inside the mouth area. I shamelessly stole borrowed from his analog design, improving on a couple key areas in order to use digital logic to drive the triacs and generate some PWM channels for LEDs. I designed a small (~3"x3") PCB that will fit easily inside the costume head. It uses optoisolated triacs to switch the high voltage EL wire, and uses a capacitor switching IC to generate a negative voltage rail for the op-amps to maximize the resolution I get from the envelope detector circuit since I will be using the ADC to sample the voltage. Sometime this next week I'll etch the board and build it up. More updates soon!


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