Monday, September 24, 2012

New Word Clock

Haven't updated in a while, but I spent quite a bit of the last part of my summer working on a project for my dad. Last Christmas, I built him a word clock following instructions from this instructable for him to keep in his office. He has gotten a lot of comments on it since its been in his office, but particularly from his boss, so my dad asked me to build another one to give to him. This time I decided to make a PCB instead of using perfboard, and made a few small improvements on the design. 
Of course, now that my dad was helping build the enclosure for the clock it came out much better than the one I built myself. He has a 3D printer rapid prototyping machine in his office, so rather than building the LED holder out of cardboard and the front panel from transparency sheets, this time he drew up and printed the whole thing. The light dividers and LED holder are all one piece, and the front panel was printed in two layers so that the light can shine through the lower layer of white plastic.  I'll post up the .stl files for those parts and the Cadsoft Eagle board files if anyone is interested. 

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